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General Discussion
War at Sea General Discussion
Discuss all topics in relation to War at Sea.
New Players - Support Centre
This forum is for New Players to ask our veteran members any questions in relation to the playing or collecting of Axis & Allies - War at Sea.
Welcome New Members - About Us
About Us: Welcome message to our new members.
Forum-wide Projects
Seas Ablaze Custom Deck Project
Here we are working on our own deck!
Bellator Inter Astrum
A Seas Ablaze community project dealing with Space Combat.
Dry Dock


Sea Trials

Combat Information Center
Member's Custom Cards
Custom Cards for use with the War at Sea ruleset and scenarios. Discuss, grind and show and shine!
Place to share and discuss research questions about naval vessels and aircraft.
House Rules & Scenarios
Discuss new W@S House Rules and Scenarios, get help with Research, or ask for play-testing help.
Video Library

Member Portfolios
In this area members may create a profile to share their custom cards.
Battle 360

Members Proxy List & Cards


Action Stations!
How to Play Online
Some helpful hints and tips about managing a game on your screen. It's easy if you are ready to do it!
Map Room
Section for Maps to be used in the Play by Post format
This is where players play other members in the play-by-post format
Gallery & Workshop
Forum Gallery
Welcome to the Seas Ablaze Gallery, this gallery is created for visitors and members to view miniatures that heve been built and repainted by our members.
The Workshop
This forum is for members to post all topics on Modelling and Painting War at Sea models. Inclusive are WotC, Shapeways & GHQ models for use with the Axis & Allies - War at Sea CMG.
Guides on how to scratch build, modify & paint your War at Sea minis.
Painting Reference Material
A area for forum members to post painting references such as pictures, web links etc to assist in the painting of WaS models.
Modelers Workshop
Come share all your non W@S projects here
The Commons
A place to talk about anything you like.

Seas Ablaze Bazaar

The Fleamarket

A place for Shapeways vendors to post their stuff
Davy Jones Locker
Axis Homeport
A place to discuss Axis strategy, upgrades, and prepare for battles.
Archive of old projects

Billowing Sails Cards

SAOC Tournament

Allies Homeport
A place to discuss Axis strategy, upgrades, and prepare for battles.
Billowing Sails
A Seas Ablaze community project dealing with Naval Combat in the Age of Sails
Seas Ablaze - Rules/Suggestions & Discussion
Seas Ablaze - Campaign Rules, Discussions on any topic relating to potential rules changes and general rules discussion. Suggest ways to improve the Campaign Rules Module.
Game Lobby
Location to join upcoming battles.
Squadron Wars - Battles
Location where Sqaudron Wars battles take place.
Seas Ablaze - Ship Resources
This forum is a resource for ship names and other resources for use in Seas Ablaze Campaigns.
Seas Ablaze - Global Campaign 1940 - 1945
Play War at Sea with other members on a global scale, slowly build up your fleets, protect trade routes and destroy the enemy, in this Campaign of epic proportions.
Squadron Wars Rules
Location of the Squadron Wars MMORPG Rules, and a place to ask questions related to the SWMMORPG module.
Seas Ablaze - Pacific Campaign 1941 - 1945
Play other members in the Battle for the Pacific, build your fleets, protect your trade routes and destroy the enemy.
Squadron Wars - Discussion
Talk all things related to the Squadron Wars MMORPG module, and brag up your latest victory.
War at Sea National Clubs Project
This forum is for Dan's War at Sea Clubs Project.
Seas Ablaze - Atlantic Campaign 1940 - 1945
Play other members online in the longest naval battle in history the battle for the Atlantic, protect your vital convoys, slowly build up your fleets and hunt for the enemy.
War at Sea After Action Reports
This is where players can post their After Action Reports for the WaS battles you have fought and won! (or not)
Squadron Wars

Seas Ablaze - Mediterranean Campaign 1940 - 1945
Play other members in the epic struggle for control of the Mediterranean, build your fleets up, protect your trade routes and hunt the enemy down in the battle for the Mediterranean.
Seas Ablaze Campaigns

Battles - Mediterranean Campaign

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