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Member's Custom Cards
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Kaiten manned torpedoes ideas
Should I call them "Jets"? - No!
AARRGGHH! I'm glad no one told me ...
Uh...yeah. I is smart.
Swizzle's Ju-87 D-4 Stuka -> Now is Ju-87 E Ace!
76mm & 75mm guns ...
The Tillman IV-2, as requested by The_Lucky_Y
Last Ship Scenerio
Final Countdown Cards (v2.0) [Comments welcome!]
Ship Gunnery Stats
KMS Arminius (H-41)
Ulrich von Hütten...Freddies Sister
Prewar Deck
Nightfall's "War Unending" Pre to Post WWII deck
Naming the H's
H-41 through H-44 in depth!
Skyraider - Yes, I'm crazy
Sovyetskaya Ukraina
War at Sea - Check your Six! - Preview
War at Sea - Tempest - Preview
Maserati with a speedometer
Swizzle's recost of SH
USS Des Moines CA-134
Swizzle's 4inch gun cards
Forward Air Strips - 9 countries
Nightfall's custom cards - Allies!
What graphics software package do you use?
HMS Palomares and HMS Pozarica (discussion)
ZH1 custom card
A few new cards for the USN
County Class Cruisers
SrgPoofy's Custom Cards!
Eanbrantain's Tin Can Sailor Collection
New P47D - Comment on Cost?
Looking for some second opions on my Wickes/Clemsons stats
War at Sea - Fire at Will
The Fins and Germans
Create a Card HELP!!
USS Tyrrell
USS Wisconsin
Some new toys for the USN
Look out for those Tin Can Sailors!
Seas Ablaze Custom Deck Discussion.
Here come the Poles!
War at Sea - Aces High
Blackburn Firebrand
Sperrbrecher 32
Saab 18
Enabrantain's Marker Set #1
Enabrantain's "Plan Z" Collection
Previews for Enabrantain's Plan Z Collection
Set 1 Boise relooked at
Danaussie's Custom Cards
Kalmar Union Custom Cards
A different kind of ABCs...Argentina, Brazil, Chile
The Turks are at the Gates!
Frozen Seas: Rubis
Condottieri Class Light Cruisers
Enabrantain's Grey Ghost expansion.
Working on Photoshop Skills
Later War UK Air Options
Expanded Airbases
Stukas! Feedback Requested!
War at Sea - In Harm's Way
How do you setup the "Spoiler" in a post?
Previews for my "Grey Ghost" expansion
War at Sea - Airstrike
War at Sea - Day of Infamy
Calling grgbobe!
Capitan Romani Class Light Cruisers
Norwegian land-based torpedo batteries
USN Dauntless
ABDA Admiralens
New USN Cruiser/New KGM Battleships
Forumini's First Strike Custom Card Set
Various Custom Aircraft
Cleveland Class Cruisers
Some Clemson Class Destroyers
ABDA Clemsons+Marblehead
Admirality S+Ts ABDA ones
A Brace of Royal Navy Cruisers!
Operation Sho-Go Hybrids
Dutch Project 1047
HMS Tenedos
Brooklyn Class Cruisers
Bagley Class Destroyers
Gato Class Submarine
Balao Class Subs
Swedish Bikini Team
My take on the Unryu Class...
Polish Units
Wheres the beef? (Impero and MC)
Red Navy reinforcements!
IJN Warships
An Axis flight of fantasy... the Richtofen
Some more USN units.
Essex Class
Unryu Class Fleet Carriers
French Fantasy Battleships Galore!
RN Fleet Carriers
Hr. Ms. Java
Lancaster B I Special
Enabrantain's Lendlease Collection
Norfolk Class
London Class
Kent Class
P-51D Mustang
IJN Special Attack Squadrons!
Coastal Command Rules the Night
Enabrantain's Revised Set 2 Collection
Attacker Class Cards
Enabrantain's Revised WAS Base Set Collection (Cards Inside)
Polikarpov R-5T
Two of my new custom cards
A new take on the Val and Dauntless
My first custom card: Levasseur PL-101
Hey everyone
I am starting custom cards
USS Midway
Maunsell Fort
HMS Courageous
SBD-3 Dauntless
Schlachtschiff Gneisenau
Queen Elizabeth, Valiant, and Renown
USS Saratoga (refit)
Tosa and Amagi
USS Utah
Two of my custom cards.
Japanese PT Boats?
Akizuki Class Part 2 (Done)
Akizuki Class Part 1 (done)
My French Cards
Agano Class (Done)
USS Columbia (Done)
Custom Cards that look like the game
Bette MZ self propelled barge (Done)
Wizards WaS Set VI Cards
HMS Hermes (Done)
Eidsvold Class Coastal Defense Ships (Done)
HMS Duke of York
USS Wisonsin
Greek Spitfire (Done)
WoTC Cards Sets I-V
HMS Eagle
HMS Iron Duke (Done)
HMS Kelly (Done)
HMS Lion & Vanguard (Done)
Custom Card Guideline Stats
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