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House Rules & Scenarios
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Playing without a grid?
Strategic Maps
Battle of Leyte Gulf - will this play?
House rules for stacking in larger games.
Sea Ice!
Faster Destroyers
Some new thouths from Richard Baker's Blog.
Strafing Special Ability for Carriers?
House Rules Heavy Damage
Battle of Midway
Captain Oliver Loudon Gordon
Captain Albert Rooks citation
Captain Waller
Carrier;s damaged or Crippled'
Scenario: Defection
Miniature Battle Guides
Disengagement Rule
Submarine Attack Phase: Escorts
Seas Ablaze Admirals
How to Use Seas Ablaze Admirals
Mini-Scenarios Through the War
Rplume's League Settings: Version 5
Scenario Reference Links
AAM/W@S Risk Campaign
Waves of War Ruleset
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