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SWO (Germany) vs. Brigs (USSR) - 300 points
Eastern Med: Long Game
Coral Sea Long Game (Comments Welcome)
Flak's Space Card Game-PT1
SWO (UK) vs Swizzle (KM) - 1942 Night Swordfish Playtest
Brigs v Bunyan, 300, 3 aircraft max each
Russia (SWO) vs Turkey (Brigs) in 1943. 100 Points.
Argentina (SWO) vs Chile+Brazil (Brigs) in 1943. 200 Points.
SWO (UK) vs Brigman (KM) - 1942 - 300 points
5th Playtest: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN US Cards (comments ok!)
First Battle of J25
Flak's Coral Sea Solo Game(Comments Welcome)
Roger Nilson and Swizzle
Can I get a volunteer?
Battlestar Wars Playtest
War at Warp Playtest
SWO_Daddy (IJN) vs Brigs (USSR) '42, 500 pts w/ Custom Cards
The Hunt for Force Z
Brigs vs. Ant ABDA battle
South Seas Battles - Players Wanted / Interest Check
War at Warp Playtest
Captain Chum v ant_s - ABDA battle
Out of curiosity
Big! USN vs IJN at Night
Brigs (RN) vs SWO (IJN), 300 points
USSR (SWO) vs FN (Brigs) - 500 points, Big Map
USN (SWO) vs IJN (Brigs) - 300 points, 1941
KM (SWO) vs IJN (Brigs)
Captain Chum (USN) vs ant_s (IJN)
Danaussie Vs Reeby (Fresh Meat!) Challenge!
Fleet Commander Game
Billowing Sails Play Test - Srg v Ant
Ober vs SrgPoofy Training
Billowing Sails Playtest Srg vs Dan
Battle 3!
Battle Number 2
Angry vs Brigs
German vs UK Mini-Scenerio
WWII Battles through the War
Solo v. Poofy
Fantasy Deathmatch
Bravo2Zero Vs Danaussie
Rnd 3: Herks Vs The Dan Meister
RRT Rnd2 - Danaussie Vs Mystic76
RRT Round2 - Fires vs. Sublime
RRT Round 2 Stealth14 vs Srgpoofy
RRT Round 2: Herky v. Solo
RRT: Round 1 firesdstny vs herky80
Round 1 its just you and me Dan
RRT: Round 1 srgpoofy vs sublime828
Round Robin Tournament Round 1: mystic76 vs solomiranthius
Angryhydralsik vs SrgPoofy 100 points
SrgPoofy vs YOU!
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