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Seas Ablaze Custom Deck Project
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Errata for our deck.
Our Wonderful Deck!
Card Back Graphic ... Please Comment!
Our Deck: Smoke On The Water! ALL CARD IMAGES!
Once the deck is finished ... DONE! (almost!)
Please pick last 4 Replacements !!! -DONE
Nominate Replacements Here! - DONE
Picking Replacements (Method)! DONE
Cards to Replace - DONE!
Printing Out Cards Found on Forums
Where would you draw the lines?
Slow Card Design Work
there seems to be something going on
Card Style for Neutrals
My apologies
this deck
Universal Card Backs or Individual Ones? Please Comment!
Replacement units (ORIGINAL)
Theaters Clubs!
Card Numbering / Deck Goal
So, the HMS Valiant...
Naiad or Hermione?
Land based Fighters/playtests
Cards being moved to Dry Dock!
A few quick notes
Suggested list of Revision Cards
My list for the cards (Almost final list)
Custom Card Staff
Seas Ablaze Custom Deck Discussion.
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