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The Workshop
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Furutaka and Kako (no I'm not dead)
Forward Air Strips
Generic Seaplane Tender
HMS Lion (Late War Admiralty Scheme)
A tale of 2 Hyugas: Squint & Matt_Atknsn's side by side
Some more IJN: Hyuga, Shinano, Hiryu
New material from shapeways --- Elasto Plastic
Some new shizzle
USS Montana
A certain Dutch battlecrusier
USS Saratoga - Ant this ones for you!
What Paints Should I Use?
Soldati Class Destroyers
Gloster Gladiator
Painting Subs
Caio Duilio
Andrea Doria
Giulio Cesare
RM Giuseppe Garibaldi
Mitsubishi G3M Nell
USS Portland
Capitan Romani Class Light Cruisers
Some Brits
Vittorio Veneto
Condottieri Class Light Cruiser
Roberto Bracciante's carrier Sparviero
Marcantonio Colonna
Italian sub proxies (600 series)
Matt_Atknsn's HMS Malaya
USS New Orleans (for Doberman)
Newest shapeways and Rota project!
HNLMS Isaac Sweers
HMS London
Soryu and Hiryu
HMS Malaya (Shapeways Model)
Unryu class project (Soryu repaints)
Reinforcements for the RM!
South Dakota and Alabama in MS 23
HMS Warspite (Shapeways model)
HMS Barham (Shapeways model)
County Class Cruisers (pic heavy)
HMS Courageous
Matt_Atknsn's Hiryu
Matt_Atknsn's South Dakota
Redoutable Class Submarine by Matt Atknsn
HMS Barham by Matt_Atknsn
Tsushima aka A150, by Isoruku
USS Texas
BV. 138 and Hiryu in WSF (shapeways)
More than one way to skin a shapeway
J, K, N Class Destroyer
Hosho and Vian project
What are you working on...
Back to it
HMAS Melbourne and a few uses for surplus Kbergs.
Dido Class
RAF Catalinas
Renown class battlecruiser
War Emergency Programme destroyers
Some minis I have done the last few months...
Jade Project CV and some islands!
My "war weary" Akagi
New Work
French Fleet
Danae class cruiser
Hood's last hurragh
Reinforcements for the KREIGSMARINE
My RN Carrier Fleet and air arm
Illustrious Class
HM S Fencer
HMS Furious
Anew use for Di Savoia
Shapeways Vanguard and Jean Bart BB/CV
More carriers for the fleets.
Luftwaffe Complements for DKM CVs
HMS Indomitable or Implacable??
Malaya Tiger outfit 1940
Aircraft carrier Nirvana
King George V Class Battleship
Queen Elizabeth Class.
Giulio Cesare
HMS Victorious and Formidable
HMS Valiant
Shapeways Barham and Malaya
Direwolf's Hunt-class DDs
Zara Class Heavy Cruiser's
Italian Monitor Faa Di Bruno
HMS Barham
HMS Eagle
HMS Glorious
HMS Argus
HMS Vanguard!!! Shapeways
Salute the Queen
Hoods Revenge Class (Pic Heavy)
RPlumes IJN Hiryu
My Town Class
IJNS Taiho and HMS Wasp
IJN Yamato
HMS Hawkins
County Class ready for Convoy Duty.
HMAS Australia
HMS Cumberland
HMS Norfolk
HMS Suffolk
HMS Orion and my Leander Class
Revenge class battleship
Southampton Class
HMS Glorious
HMS Eagle
Battle of the River Plate in minature
Pocket Battleships (Admiral Scheer joins the Fleet)
Viva la France! Shapeways French Battleships
Giorgious Averof
DKM Graf Zeppelin
DKM Scharnhorst
DKM Bismark
DKM Admiral Graf Spee
"In Rod we Trust" - HMS Rodney!!!
HMS Duke of York
HMS Repulse
Italian Destroyers
Destroyers and a U Boat
HMS Exeter
Heavy Shore Batteries
Musashi 1944
Seeing Double!
Fubuki-class DDs
Fimo? Anyone?
RM Conte Di Cavour
RM Scipione Africano
RM San Giorgio
RM Bande Nere
HMS Victorious revisited.
HMS Vanguard
HMS Hood
HMS Belfast
HMAS Sydney
HMS Jamaica
ORP Dragon
HMS Royal Oak
Nelson Class
HMS Exeter Camo?
HMS Nelson and Rodney.
HMS King George V
HMS Victorious Home Fleet Camo (Repaint)
HMS Illustrious Med Camo (Repaint)
HMS Valiant Med Camo
HMS Resolution (Med Camo)
Ramb II
HMS Berwick
HMS Hermes
HMS Eagle
HMS Gungnir (Pic heavy)
HMS Valiant
HMS Kent
HMS Sheffield and Birmingham
What I did with White Strong Flexible!
Daosta and Trento
HMS Courageous, Glorious and Furious
British Warpaint (Illustrious Class)
HMS Repulse
Lots of B-17s (Picture Heavy)
Several New Objective Markers
My cold weather Tirpitz
Taffy 3 CVE's and others
Those Annoying Danes!
Loire 130 Floatplanes
IJN Floatplanes
Wildcat FM2 token for USS Guadalcanal.
12 Fletcher Class Repaints
USS McNair and USS Hopewell
CVE deck markings
Hiryu and Unryu---mods from soryu?
USS Gambier Bay
Sho-Go Yamato
HMS Ark Royal
KGV + Warspite
RM San Giorgio!!!
IJN Chitose!!!
RM Scipione Africano!!!
The Black Fleet (pic hvy)
T2 Tankers
My French Fleet
Fletcher Class Repaints Part 2 (Picture Heavy)
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