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Star Trek: HeroClix vs. MicroMachines

Just for comparison's sake, I took some shots of the Tactics Clix next to their MicroMachine equivalent.

Captain Chum

I actually checked it out and did the same research.  I looked up the micro machines on ebay as I do not have any of them.  They can be pricey.

My thoughts are:

I do not care for the clix game but was thinking you could take the ships off of their base and remount for your own star trek game.  

Great pics Brigs.  These will come in handy for others also wondering about it.

You can actually get some great deals on lots of micromachines on ebay if you're patient and look around.

I have a ton, bought 'em when they were new.  

But some of the ships in Tactics weren't done as MicroMachines... the Nova-class (Equinox, Rhode Island)... Somraw... and the Micromachine Voodieh (which they based the Negh'Var on) is small, and different, and that pale blue/green TNG color.

Some Tactics Clix are better than the Micros.  I think the birds of prey and Defiant, plus the Nebula (Sunderland) are.  Some are worse.  What they did to the Excelsior in Tactics is a travesty... the saucer's oblong and it's tiny. Sad

I have a few of the micromachines from back in the day packed away at my parents place.  I hope to get them out of storage.... in the mean time I got some of the hero clix models..... they arn't bad...

No, the Clix aren't bad.  The Sunderland (Nebula), Negh'Var (and Regency 1), and Birds of Prey are actually better than Micromachines.  The Defiant, Reliant, and Oberth are just as good.  And there are some (Equinox, Somraw, Prometheus) that were never made as Micromachines.

Their Excelsior (and Hood) is just ****, tho. Sad

I have Kothos, Somraw, Sutherland, and Montigolfier.

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